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Lightweight arm warmers for a little extra protection from chilly winds on cooler spring rides. The Viper micro-fibre construction gives a close but un-restrictive fit and the low bulk allows them to easily stow in a single jersey pocket.

Viper Lycra
A soft and supportive fabric for performance cycling garments, the 80/20 nylon to elastane blend gives optimum stretch and rebound while the matte finish guarantees that it looks as technical as it performs.

About Arm & Leg Warmers

During the Spring and Autumn months, arm, leg and knee warmers are an essential part of a cyclists kit, giving the versatility to cope with unpredictable changes in weather. They are small enough to be carried in a jersey pocket, meaning quick and easy changes can be made while out on the bike. Arm, leg and knee warmers are available in various weights to suit your requirements and the weather conditions you are riding in.

Top Features of the Sportful Lycra Arm Warmers

  • Viper Lycra Construction
  • Single Seam
  • Silicone Elastic cuff grippers
  • Anatomic fit
  • Sportful Logo