Sportful Giro Short Finger Gloves black/white

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The Sportful Giro Short Finger Gloves are a no-nonsense cycling mitt using proven materials and construction techniques so that you get just what you need; excellent comfort and great feel of the bars and levers.


A synthetic fibre that gives exceptional stretch as well as the ability to recover its initial shape. This remarkable stretch capacity allows Sportful to make garments with great comfort, close fit, and complete freedom of movement.

About Short Finger Gloves

Short fingered gloves, also known as track mitts, are an essential item for any cyclist. They provide you with a grippy interface between your hands and handlebars, whilst also helping to reduce road vibrations, they also have the added benefit of adding extra protection if you have a spill.

Top Features of the Sportful Giro Short Finger Gloves

  • Synthetic palm
  • Mesh back
  • Flat stitching
  • Hook and Loop closure