Nalini PRO Hug Lady Jersey short sleeve jersey for ladies black

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If good is not good enough for you, we have the Nalini PRO short sleeve jersey for ladies Hug Lady Jersey, perfectly in design, material and processing.

  • consists of the functional fibre HOT MOA Light (quality of Nalini), which is characterized by high breathability and low weight
  • additionally, fibre was worked with MANTODRY (quality of Nalini), which transports humidity fast away from your body
  • soaks up sweat optimally and transports the humidity outwardly
  • Race-cut guarantees a sporty tight fit
  • collar worked with protective collar protection
  • continuous zipper (Nalini CAM Lock - zipper)
  • jersey with giro sleeves
  • self-faced back pocket, divided into 3-parts
  • elastic waistband, inside with silicone Nalini prints
  • extended cut at the back

material composition:

fabric 1: 86% of polyamide, 14% of elastane
fabric 2: 87% of polyester, 13% of elastane
fabric 3: 77% of polyester, 23% of elastane