Assos Uma GTV Bib Shorts C2 - black series Women's

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Assos took feedback on AssosT.LaalalaiShorts_s7 to heart, revisiting Assos women-specific design with an all-new solution that better facilitates natural breaks with two magnetic closures at the rear rather than a single closure at the front center. The textile was also improved, shedding grams and gaining permanent odor-control and active cooling. It’s also a deeper, richer black, which pops on the bike in full sunlight.



Ossidia sheds grams without sacrificing elasticity, compression, or UV protection (UPF 50+). Odor control and active cooling are permanently integrated into the material itself, not applied as a topical treatment. A Tech Sheen Mesh insert stretches across the lower belly, accommodating aggressive bar drop and deep breathing during hard efforts.


C2 AEPD regularFit is based on our performance race models but tuned for comfort with a Zero-pressure waist. Streamlined performance for all-day cycling in our standard leg length.