Assos Uma GT Bib Shorts C2 - black series Women's

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A new bib shorts model for ambitious rides every day - whether they are part of your training plan, they are weekly races or long rides on the weekend.

 Assos wanted an all-encompassing solution for every day. The principle is simple, but the implementation proved all the more difficult. To meet the demands, they designed the first UMA GT, based on technology passed down from model to model, including a revised AEPD fit and beam suspension. The padding has also been redesigned to reduce surface area, improve cooling and give it an aesthetic touch with the help of Odor Control Top Sheet Tex in Sugar Blue.



Type.429 is stretchy enough for a streamlined fit; breathable enough for the heights of summer; compressive enough to respond to and support your body; and substantial enough to resist the abuse of countless kilometers. A true daily workhorse.


C2 AEPD regularFit is based on our performance race models but tuned for comfort with a more accommodating waist and our standard leg length. Streamlined performance for all-day cycling.


A-frame suspension inherited from the DYORA RS bibs. Limits sag on the lower back for a confident fit that stabilizes the chamois and main body panel.

4,5cm elastane band naturally grips the thigh without silicone treatment to deliver a smooth, ultralight hold.

Compressive foam layers in an 9mm endurance platform. Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation.