Assos Spring Fall Gloves EVO - blackSeries

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Moderate insulation for cold temperatures

Now even more durable and with more compliant padding, with which you do not lose the feeling for the handlebar.

The further developed Spring Fall Gloves EVO are now even more durable on the fingers and thus have an extended service life. They also provide additional insulation for the areas of the body that are most exposed to weather conditions. You won't have to sacrifice anything when shifting gears, braking, or operating touchscreens, either. In addition, the padding has also been updated: Now the gloves are suitable for all seasons!

Features :

The roughened, warm textile insulates and is breathable. This keeps your hands warm and dry, while excess heat is dissipated to prevent overheating. The anatomical cut prevents wrinkles and reduces unnecessary bulk. Thanks to the extended waistband, wearing under jackets or arm warmers is no problem. The integrated pull tab makes it easy to put on and take off. Microfiber Palm: The soft, padded surface for a secure grip on the handlebars and at the same time allows the operation of touchscreens, so that phone calls and route navigation remain possible.