Assos EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Tights S9 - blackSeries - Men's

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Lightly insulated, race-cut bib tights for training days on both sides of winter, built on the S9 platform for maximum stability and frictionless comfort during full-gas efforts.

While the EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts and leg warmer combination yields the same coverage and arguably added versatility, there are certain days a classic full-length tight is without compare. This silhouette provides a seamless wrap and consistent insulation levels throughout the lower body during all-day training sessions, with the smoothest transition possible at the lower leg hem.

  • A bib tight for cooler temperatures and ticking away the miles
  • Thermal insulation is reinforced with a durable design
  • Balanced warmth and breathability for long rides
  • A supportive chamois for supple comfort
  • Bib straps keep everything in place while we pedal